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civic playgrounds goes beyond consulting you; we turn our expert advice into a specially-tailored hands-on trainings for you and your organization.

We prepare and structure our interventions and content for you to learn and acquire new skills on design methodologies while reaching your objectives. And we aim at solutions and implementations with which you are comfortable with, that motivate you, with which both you and your audience can benefit from. 

      • Do you want to increase the commitment of your audience in the activities of your organization?
      • Do you want to make your projects and processes more satisfying and inclusive?
      • Do you want to instil a sense of self-fulfillment to the beneficiaries of your social programs?
      • Do you want to improve your results or social impact?

Either if it is for training, activism, reintegration into the labor market, community development, social inclusion, public policy, communication, raising awareness or fundraising, all your programs and projects can benefit significantly from an optimization through innovative design methods, such as gamification and social design.

But beware of today’s marketing traps. Gamification is neither points nor rewards. People lose interest in rewards very quickly. And gamification cannot be forced or imposed. People can reject it or refuse to participate. People don´t want to play or behave playful in contexts where they have to be serious or have to work. They want to play only according to their own free will and at the times and under the conditions they desire. To play is both a right and a choice and has to be respected. What to do then?

      • we will study collaboratively and systematically your specific case.
      • we will analyse collaboratively all the actors and elements of your ecosystem.
      • we will set collaboratively priorities and quantifiable goals and time frame for our project.
      • we will collaboratively take a careful look at your organization and at your different audience types.
      • we will collaboratively construct the proper methodology to reach the goal of this intervention.
      • we will find collaboratively different solutions.
      • we will collaboratively work on the implementation of the solutions and its measurement and documentation.

How does it work? Depending on the situation and challenge, we can opt for a workshop package of 10, 20, 30 or more hours. The work is always based on a methodological practice and KPI-oriented. Before and after any interaction with you during workshop hours, we structure and prepare our intervention to ensure you learn and acquire new professional skills. Moreover, the development of documentation and visualizations you need for your reporting activities is done by us.

Interested in improving your organization while acquiring new knowledge and skills? Get in contact to discuss our collaboration.


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Let´s have a conversation to:

    • discuss your acquisition of skills, knowledge and innovation methods; 
    • optimize your programs, projects and processes;
    • explore how to engage more your audiences; and
    • build a world with fairer opportunities for all us.