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Research-based and KPI-oriented social design, gamification and problem-solving methods for development cooperation, public policy, sustainability, education, behaviour change and social transformation
Civic Playgrounds

Gamified solutions, ludified learning, serious game design, entertaining educational projects, design of creative and playful applications, documentation development, TORs writing, training needs assessment, training design and facilitation, e-learning, feasibility studies, user research, instructional design, capacity development activities, and more…

You and your organization:
  • Need new methodologies and innovation skills to work successfully in the design and implementation of public programs and policies.
  • Need accurate knowledge about your audience in order to manage the right projects for their engagement with your organization.
  • Work with several specialized topics, such as public administration, sustainability or inclusion, and need to integrate them coherently.
  • Require specialized and tailor-made services, instead of mechanical gamification clichés or arbitrary points and prizes.
  • Want to increase sustainably the participation and engagement of your audiences in your organization’s projects and programs.
  • Prefer to find the ideal design strategy, benefiting both you and your audience and producing long-lasting positive effects.
  • Are interested in conveying abstract or complex messages in a truly entertaining way without lecturing or boring your audience.
  • Need support on your reporting to tangibly and transparently demonstrate the positive impact of your efforts.

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Specialised consulting

Consultation on gamification, ludification and social design providing functional and measurable solutions with industrial and academic foundation.

Ideal to obtain professional opinions or recommendations about very specific inquiries.

Design/User Research

Knowledge about an organization´s audience or about the feasibility of a project idea.

Reliable and transparent data, visualizations and documentation generated through quantitative and qualitative research or user experience methods, useful to consolidate project funding, demonstrate the potential success of your initiatives and make the right decisions to interact with and provide benefits to your audiences. 



The interactions with your organization´s audience improved and providing the best experience possible or your messages embedded as entertaining interactive solutions: playful activities, board games, interactive installations or video games.

Our focus is creativity, elegant design and the methodological study of the audience´s characteristics and needs.

Post-Design Services

Follow-up actions to make sure people not only interact with our design intervention, game or gamification, but find themselves positively impacted by our creations.

This work includes promoting the designs, measuring their impact and preparing transparent and reliable project documentation.

Get in touch to discuss potential service alternatives to overcome the challenges of your organization.


Expert guidance tailored to each organization, delivered as hands-on learning experiences based on the professional needs and goals of the staff.
Highly valuable problem-solving and devising skills applicable for social development, policy making, project development, leadership and innovation. 

Co-Innovation Workshop

Advice to overcome an organization´s challenges rolled out as a tailor-made TRAINING to empower participants to take decisions, acquire knowledge and skills, and see the impact of their efforts on their work.


Problem-Solving Workshop

NON-design thinking knowledge and skills to understand and visualize problems, structure “ON THE FLY” your own workshop methodologies and achieve optimal solutions meeting the objectives of your organization.

C-K Theory Workshop

The most sophisticated and valuable skills for the conceptualization and validation of policies, programs, projects, institutional campaigns and initiatives. Optimal for professionals integrating different subjects together, working with a lot of (complex) information and in need innovative implementations as output of their work.

Interested in improving your initiatives or projects while acquiring new knowledge and skills? Get in contact to discuss our collaboration


civic playgrounds – research-based and KPI-oriented gamification, game design and social design services

civic playgrounds works with the conviction that no one should lack housing, health care, clean water or education, no one should fear for their lives, and that the rights of people and our ecosystem should always be respected. To build the world we dream of, we face our challenges from a new paradigm. civic playgrounds contributes with the most innovative design methodologies and high ethical standards for the development of society. The focus is always the audiences or users, but also the entire ecosystem in which they coexist with other stakeholders to ensure that everyone in the ecosystem benefits and the environment is respected.

For civic playgrounds, it is a priority to act professionally, ethically and sustainably!

civic playgrounds works in English, Spanish, Italian and German.

The professional behind civic playgrounds:

Dr. Enrique Perez  has worked for almost 25 years in the fields of design and design research and has been involved in the design of games for more than 15 years. He has helped numerous companies and organizations design their identity, products, services and communication projects. He has devised dozens of games, especially casual mobile games and games with social and political purposes. He has collaborated with various small non-profits as well as with the large international organizations AIESEC, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). He graduated with a BA in Communication Sciences, an MSc. in Art and Media Technology (Gothenburg University), an MSc. in Game Design (IT University of Copenhagen) and a PhD. magna cum laude about design methods and design methodologies with focus on the design of games (Bayreuth University).


Scientists from different fields contribute providing support and recommendations to civic playgrounds

Dr. Sonia Fizek – Play Theory / Dr. Anne Dippel – Anthropology / PhD. cand. Georgina Guillen – Sustainable behaviour

 Dr. Fanny Tubay – Diversity, Gender and Inclusion /  Dr. Caroline Menezes – Curatorship / Dr. Fabrizio Poltronieri – Artificial Intellifence 


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    • explore how to engage more your audiences; and
    • build a world with fairer opportunities for all us.