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Messages embedded in entertaining interactive solutions: as playful activities, board games, interactive installations or video games. Our design focus is casual and strategic play and games.

We offer especially creativity, elegant design and the careful and methodological study of the characteristics of our client’s audience and the prioritization of their interests and needs.

We distance ourselves from the design of boring games or games that “preach” a message or ideology. What is the point of a game that is only played once, for a few minutes, or that is boring? No use at all. It is our priority to design creative and entertaining solutions that encourage the audience to interact with the game more than once in which the message is embedded with elegance and cleverness.

Our game design services involve the tasks of generating knowledge around the audience, formulating the messages to be conveyed appropriately, conceptualizing the ideal solution or game, checking its functionality through prototypes and testing, the game production (programming), the publication of the game and its documentation.


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