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Bullying Cells – Casual mobile game on bullying (2015)

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In Bullying Cells, red cells bully cells of other colors. The player has to keep cells moving and the red cells away to avoid the bullying to other cells. Cells that have been bullied several times will flee or even die, which means game over. But the player can also group 3 cells of the same color to “swallow” the bullying red cell and transform it into a non-bullying cell.

Players can make progress through the game and experience increasing challenge by avoiding the bullying of the red cells and transforming them into non bullying cells.

The game offers speed and strategy, which entertains the players and makes them want to play more and more. 


  • RESEARCH to understand the topic;
  • GAME DESIGN AND GAMICATION: conceptualization of the game, concept validation and user testing.


Presented at several events and festivals. 




  • Enrique Perez “KIX” (lead concept design, production)
  • Sonia Fizek (concept design support)
  • Felix Herbst (interaction design, programming, graphic design)
  • Paul Kirsten (interaction design, programming, graphic design)
  • Christian Freitag (sound, graphic design, interaction design)

Part of a project on serious games with the intention of producing entertaining games with political and social messages, which afforded strategic play and attracted players to play more than once. Funded by the European Union as part of the program “Art and Civic Media” of the Innovations Inkubator, Leuphana University, 2015.