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Freedom Agents – Strategy Casual Mobile Game with Free to Play (F2P) mechanics about liberalism

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Commissioned by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Myanmar to promote liberal values among university students.

Players free enslaved people by exercising throughout 20 levels their freedoms: freedom of thought and expression, freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of exchange, and the ability to solve problems together.

Game levels are puzzle-alike, require strategic thinking and increase progressively difficulty.

Players are not forced to interact with any political content about liberalism within the game. However, interacting with liberal texts provides extra benefits: power-up’s, replays, interaction time extensions and retries (simulated free-to-play mechanism).


  • COLLABORATIVE DESIGN: to identify the target user and the objective of the project;
  • RESEARCH: to understand the characteristics and technological habits of the target audience and their most preferred games and gameplay styles;
  • GAME DESIGN AND GAMIFICATION: conceptualization of the game, concept validation and user testing;
  • POST-DESIGN SERVICES: follow-up on the development of the game.


The game is ready for download from its website.
Further actions around the game and its promotion are on hold until the political situation in Myanmar improves. 


Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Thailand and Myanmar Offices (2019, 2020)
Enrique Perez  (original concept, gameplay design, level design, UX supervision)
Shock Studios (development , art, programming, level design, narrative)
Friedrich-Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Myanmar Office (Content)