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Organizations need knowledge to validate their new ideas and to meet the needs of their audiences. This knowledge is the key to keep programs running, to get projects approved and to access different kinds of resources, including funding. However, this knowledge is not just out there at hand. The knowledge has to be looked for, obtained, processed, structured and has to become accessible to different stakeholders of an organization or institution.

civic playgrounds transparently obtains and documents the knowledge organizations and institutions require from the two following perspectives:

    • User research: we find out about the needs, traits and technological habits of an organization´s audience. This work implies answering your design research questions with rigour and reliability. We design the appropriate research methodology, do bibliographical work and conduct quantitative and qualitative research methods (questionnaire, survey, in-depth interview, focus group, ethnographic studies). We also work with the most adequate research sample to make sure the results are representative and valid.
    • Concept research: we find out the feasibility of your future projects and initiatives. We do bibliographic work and analyse your ideas with user research methodologies (UX) for product and service validation. We point out the strengths of your concepts and suggest also potential improvements.

Our research involves also processing data and information, preparing visualizations, descriptions and reports from our findings and presenting concisely the exact knowledge you need for your work.


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