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Post-Design Services

The design of a game or a gamification is not the final outcome of a project. Usually, a design is part of a larger strategy wherein additional efforts are necessary to disseminate messages or incentivise the interaction with the design in order to induce changes in the behaviours of the audiences. In addition, we should not fall in the trap of thinking that the number of plays or downloads can inform about the success of the design. People tend to download but never to open apps; plus, app interaction is usually very short due to the high attention competition among apps and devices.

civic playgrounds works on strategically structured projects with quantifiable and measurable goals. Therefore, our work is not only focused on designs in isolation, but in all the actions with which we help organizations and institutions to achieve their objectives. In collaboration with our clients, we formulate project goals such as the following:

    • increase the audience participation on social media channels by 50% in 3 months through a campaign on the topic of human rights supported by a mobile game with the same topic;
    • increase the labor market reinsertion in the second half of the year by 15%;
    • increase the number of donation referrals by 30% by the use of an app providing push notifications with curated content.

Based on the goal, we define our interventions, including the designs to be developed and other dissemination actions. And once the validation, testing and production work for a game or gamification is completed, we focus on launching it, implementing within the market, making it accessible and known among the audience, as well as measuring its impact and preparing documentation about the whole project.

Oftentimes, communication campaigns on social media or outreach activities have to be performed. We provide support in all these activities. We plan and run social media campaigns and organize (online) events and talks with the right people. We also conduct the proper research to identify the impact of our design and the whole project in the audiences as well as in the people connected to the audiences. Needless to say, we prepare all related project documentation to make the reporting tasks of our client organizations as easy as possible.

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